It’s a Zesty Summer!

lemon cream cheese muffins
Summer is sizzling, start your morning with a Mauger delight!
These muffins are a sensational summer hit! So light, fluffy and zesty, they’ll melt in your mouth.

Lemon Cream Cheese Muffins

2 ½ C flour
1 C sugar
3 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
Grated lemon zest of one lemon and juice from lemon
2 eggs
1 C milk
1/3 C canola oil
1/3 C melted butter
4 oz. cubed cream cheese (1/2 inch cubes)

Sift flour into large bowl, add all other dry ingredients. Mix all wet ingredients in separate bowl, then add to dry ingredients. Add lemon zest and juice, and cream cheese. Mix together, do not overmix.

Fill baking cups, and sprinkle tops with raw sugar.

Bake at 375 degrees for approximately 20 – 25 minutes until firm and slightly golden on top.

Bring in the 4th with a Mauger bang!

Greetings! It’s a hot and fun summer, and we want to share some upcoming excitement with you.

The Isotopes Baseball team is playing at home on Friday, July 3rd, 7:05pm. This is a Mauger favorite pastime. Don’t miss this very special orchestra and fireworks presentation following the game.

Shakespeare on the Plaza: Shakespeare on the Plaza brings Shakespeare back where he started and where he belongs-outside in the open air with a New Mexican twist! Civic Plaza 400 Marquette Ave NW, 7:30pm

Summer Ice Qube Skating: July 1, 2015 – July 12, 2015
Time: 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM Monday through Saturday (closed Sundays). Closes at 7PM on July 2, 3, and 4.
Recurrence: Recurring daily Admission: Free, $3 skate rental for all ages
Civic Plaza 401 Second St NW

Freedom 4th at Balloon Fiesta Park: Come celebrate this Fourth of July with the City of Albuquerque at the Balloon Fiesta Park! This free, all ages event hosts one of the largest firework shows in the state. July 4th, 3 – 10pm FREE; 5000 Balloon Fiesta Parkway. Live entertainment, and fun for the whole family!

Mention this Blog post, and receive 10% off of your direct booking with us 6/30 – 7/5.

Happy 4th of July!

What To Do In ABQ

As the weather warms up and ABQ welcomes the beginning of tourism season, establishments acting as home-away-from-home for these vacationers are all gearing up to answer that one big question: What must I do while I’m in Albuquerque?

We’re no exception, and we love answering this question! Albuquerque is a unique city, offering something special for everyone. So without further ado here’s our list for you (in no particular order as you can’t go wrong with any of it!)

1. Sandia Park Tramway – Ascend 4,000 feet in 15 minutes to a 10,378 feet summit, and enjoy an 11,000 square-mile view of the Land of Enchantment. Sandia Tramway is the longest Tram in North America at 2.7 miles long. Enjoy some mild hiking while up there. 505.856.7325,

2. ABQ Trolley Co. – Offering a variation of fun tours such as the Best of ABQ City Tour (1.5 hr), the Bad Tour (for Breaking Bad enthusiasts!), and the Duke City Pedaler Beer Bike (a 5k bike trip stopping at 3 breweries.) 505.240.8000,

3. Bio Park – Consisting of the Botanic Gardens, the ABQ Zoo, and the ABQ Aquarium, you can purchase tickets for one attraction or receive a discount when you purchase a pass for all three. BONUS – combo passes are only $12 when purchased before noon! 505.768.2000,

4. Breweries – ABQ has topped its share of ‘Best’ lists as well as won many medals with its incredible microbrews! This is a MUST DO for beer lovers! And if you’re not already a beer lover, ABQ will turn you into one. Pick one, pick all – you won’t be disappointed. Bosque Brewing just won the National IPA contest, while Canteen Brewery took 2nd (yes, 1st and 2nd place hale from ABQ.) La Cumbre and Marble Brewery both hold many medals as well.

5. Central Ave aka Route 66 (Old Town, Downtown, Nob Hill) – Central Ave joined Route 66 in 1937 and holds three main areas of ABQ; (from west to east) Old Town, Downtown, and Nob Hill. From the Mauger Estate you can easily head over to Old Town (the heart of ABQ since it was founded in 1706) and enjoy the San Felipe de Neri Church, 5 museums, and over 100 stores, galleries, and eateries. Head east on Central and spend a little time Downtown admiring some original architecture (for example the Kimo Theatre.) Continue east to Nob Hill where the neon lights of Route 66 come to life! Here you’ll find boutique shopping, trendy dining, and plenty of nightlife. Enjoy dinner in the gorgeous ABQ weather on one of the many patios.

6. Hiking/Biking … or BOTH – There is no shortage of outdoor adventure in ABQ. With the Sandias to the east and the Bosque to the west, and a Bicycle Blvd running through ABQ, hike/bike until your heart is content! Didn’t bring your bike? No worries! Routes Bike Rentals right down the road from the Mauger Estate will take care of you. Need hiking recommendations? We’ve got you covered.

If you find yourself in ABQ for a few days we highly recommend jumping on the Rail Runner ( and taking the train to Santa Fe for the day. Hop on at the Alvarez Station, a ten-minute walk from the Mauger Estate, and hop off at the Santa Fe Depot to visit the plaza. Topping the list are also visits to Bandalier National Monument and Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument.

The list certainly does not end here, so if you make your way through its entirety and are yearning for more, please ask us! We look forward to your visit, and to hearing about how much you love our beautiful Albuquerque.

Til then …

Written by Carrie, Innkeeper

Hiking ABQ

As Winter graciously brings us highs up to 74 and Spring eagerly awaits her turn you will find most of us Burquenos (term of endearment for those residing in Albuquerque) traipsing around our beloved “Bosque” and Sandias. There are books out there outlining all of the trails within our city limits, but for blog purposes I’m going to cover three of our favorites.

Less than two miles southwest of the Mauger Estate B&B is one of seven entrance points (Tingley Beach Drive) to the Paseo del Bosque Trail, or simply “the Bosque” as we all know her. While this 16-mile trail isn’t the quintessential mountain trail inclining through pines and spruces, it IS one of the best urban trails according to magazines such as Sunset and National Geographic, boasting more than 500 species of animals, and numerous resting areas shaded by Cottonwoods. Bosque is Spanish for forest, and while this forest will challenge your notion of what a forest is, this fairly flat trail (uninterrupted by roadways) will not disappoint. Start early morning or later in the afternoon and enjoy all the colors of the sunrise over the Sandia Mountains, or a sunset only read of. And don’t forget to take that side trail to the riverbank.

Roughly 17 miles east of the Mauger Estate B&B lays that magnificent mountain range – the Sandias. While you could spend a week just hiking around the foothills, my next two trails take you on more intimate adventures … leading you out of the desert and high up into the mountains.

The Pino Trail (#140) sits at the edge of the city and takes you straight up to the Sandia Crest Trail, roughly 10 miles round-trip. Having done this trail I can tell you that it’s one of the steeper ones around, but ascending out of the native cacti and grasses, and into the conifer forest exemplifies Albuquerque’s uniqueness. You may find some ice or snow near the top during this time of the year, but all should clear up around mid-Spring. Bikes are permitted, as are leashed dogs. $2 entrance fee.

Last but certainly not least, the infamous La Luz Trail (#137.) Ask any Burqueno about this trail and while it’s not guaranteed that they’ve completed it, they’ve certainly heard of it! The La Luz Trail is a strenuous hike with an elevation gain of 3,775ft; nine miles up will land you at the Sandia Crest, while eleven miles will get you to the Sandia Tramway – a great way to come back down. After all, you already completed the tough part! Stop by High Finance for a beer (or two) before heading down. I’ve completed this eleven-mile hike and the views are worth every mile. There’s also something to be said for hiking through four different climate zones: Your trip will start off with Pinon Trees and Prickly Pear cacti until mile four when you’re awe-smacked with Ponderosa Pines and Blue Spruce. Shortly after, you scale a rocky draw lined with Aspen … and I won’t ruin the rest for you. Leashed dogs permitted. $3 parking fee.

Simply, and abruptly stated, get outside when visiting Albuquerque, and allow a new part of your soul to wake up suddenly! If you can’t get to one of these trails ask us about others and we will certainly have suggestions. It’s what we do here, and it’s certainly an attribute of Albuquerque that we want to share with others whenever we can! Happy trails …..

Paseo del Bosque info and trail map:
Foothills map off of Tramway:

written and photographed by Carrie

Pino Trail
Pino Trail
Pino Trail
Pino Trail
Pino Trail
Pino Trail
La Luz Trail
La Luz Trail
La Luz Trail
La Luz Trail
La Luz Trail
La Luz Trail
La Luz Trail
La Luz Trail
La Luz Trail
La Luz Trail

Scrumptious, Healthy Breakfast … It’s Real!!

We hope that everyone enjoyed the holidays, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We wish all of you your best year yet. And we look forward to ours!

As we quickly approach February and say goodbye to January, it seems a good time to do a (quick) pulse check on our New Year resolutions. Ugh, I had to say it didn’t I? The dreaded “r” word! If you’re giving me five seconds to magically change the subject before you shut me down then I’m guessing one of your resolutions centers around eating healthy/weight loss … somewhere in that distressing realm of topics that we hate to talk about. No need to fret though! I’m no dietician, physician, anything ending in “-cian” for that matter (hmmm … innkeepercian … awwwe grasshopper.) I’m merely an innkeeper that happens to know that healthy breakfast does not have to come in liquid form, feel like your gnawing on sandpaper, or cost $6 for five bars. Five delicious (“This is amazing! I can do this. Mind over matter.”) bars.

Let’s squash the stereo-type that B&Bs are in the business of feeding guests 2,000 calorie breakfasts (at least this B&B is not.) If we all ate one meal a day, that would be optimal. But a lot of us rarely even eat breakfast, let-a-lone make it our one meal a day. Public service announcement – please eat breakfast! Mauger Estate Bed & Dinner … who am I kidding! That sounds amazing! But it’s not a real thing folks.

Here at the Mauger Estate we understand the urge to skip breakfast, so we have two goals (after making the kitchen smell heavenly to lure you down): One, to fuel your body with the nutrients needed for the day ahead (whether you’re working or doing the tourist thing.) And two, to do it in a way that makes you want to come back and eat more breakfast! That’s it!! Get your inner fat kid on! Feel no shame. It tastes so good he/she will never know it’s healthy. Until you step on a scale and now both of you are happy. It really is a sweet life …

So, how do we do it, and more importantly how easy is it to do at home? Second question first … it’s pre-school easy. Grab your favorite doll or truck and play all day easy. And how do we do it? Without giving away all of our secrets, I’ll give away the biggest one. Eggs; English Baked Eggs, frittatas, omelettes; the sky is the limit with eggs, and most of it you can prep the night before and throw in the oven the next morning while getting ready.

Key things to remember: 1% – 2% milk rather than cream, and know that not all veggies are created equally. Some have more carbs/calories than others. Great veggies to use are spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, and green onions. Tomatoes and bell peppers won’t kill you. And spices!! Spices can make or break the deal. So throw in some salt, pepper, garlic, marjoram, thyme, and don’t forget the cheese (if you do dairy.) Some cheeses are carb free (say it isn’t so!) so feel free to add some Cheddar and Parmesan. Aren’t you glad you didn’t shut me down two minutes ago? But we don’t stop at eggs at the Mauger Estate. We understand that some of our guests’ can’t/don’t eat eggs.

Roll out the Greek yogurt, granola, and fruit. Eat all of it, eat some of it, mix it all up … hey, it’s your breakfast, your call. One cup of plain Greek yogurt sits at 120 cal, 0 fat, and 9 carbs. And yes, it can cause a gag reflex by itself. Agreed. Don’t shut me down yet! Add a ¼ cup of homemade granola (recipe on our website) and you’ve already gone from worst day ever to good day. NOW, throw in your berries; raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries (they sit a little higher in carbs, but nothing terrible) and it’s a great day my friends! You can even skip the granola and just add a little cinnamon. Key things to remember: Not all yogurts are created equally just because it’s “yogurt”. Look at the back. And not all granolas are created equally. Clue – breakfast granola does not have M&Ms. Sorry. Again, look at the back. It’s easy-peasy once you get your routine down.

By no means are we claiming to be experts, and we absolutely serve Stuffed French Toast, because our guests deserve that as well. But we do know healthy breakfast, and we do know that our guests love it just as much as the Stuffed French Toast. Now show that resolution that you mean business! … oh, and throw those breakfast bars away. Now do the running-man and embrace the New Year.

I have attached the recipe for our Mediterranean Frittata for your enjoyment, but also for you to get an idea of how simple creating your own frittata can be!

Mediterranean Frittata

Makes one 9 inch quiche or frittata pan.

2 C frozen hashbrowns
9 eggs
2 C milk
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
2 Tblsp Italian seasoning
2 Tblsp fresh basil, chopped
5 green onions, chopped
½ C sundried tomatoes
1 C goat cheese
1 C fresh grated parmesan cheese
1 C fresh spinach, chopped

Place hashbrowns in greased pan, bake in oven at 380 degrees for 30 minutes. Pour 2 Tblsp melted butter over the hashbrowns. Sprinkle the parmesan cheese over hashbrowns. Place green onions on top of parmesan cheese, then sundried tomatoes and crumbled goat cheese. Mix eggs, milk or ½ and ½ and spices with whisk, add seasoning, basil and spinach.

You may refrigerate overnight (cover quiche dish and egg mixture separately) and pour egg mixture into quiche dish in the morning and bake at 375 degrees for approximately one hour or until eggs are set. You may bake immediately after mixing as well.


Written & photographed by Carrie, Innkeeper

low-fat yogurt with homemade granola and berries

English Baked Egg


A Fall Bike Ride to Casa Rondena Winery

Make no mistake about it; our ultimate goal here at the Mauger Estate is to provide the utmost relaxation. If you’re lying in your room all day watching the History Channel then we’ve done our job. However, we also love the city that we live in, and we love sharing everything that she offers … a lot of it lining the streets surrounding us. So, if you choose one of our cozy beds and the History Channel we will not judge. If you choose to get outside, allow us to share one of our packages, and true gems of Albuquerque with you … our Wine Country Package enjoyed at Casa Rondena Winery.

Right before Thanksgiving I took a bike ride out to Casa Rondena (stopping at some breweries on the way, but that’s a later blog) with some friends. Simply put, and unjustly stated, this ride took me out of Albuquerque while reminding me of how magical she is all at once. Trees draped in Autumn, hot air balloons ascending, fields of wild geese, farm houses of past decades … I know what you’re thinking, and yes I speak of Albuquerque, New Mexico (Los Ranchos de Albuquerque to be exact.)

At 4:35 p.m. we made that turn into Casa Rondena. Right as the sun filled her vineyards and kissed her faces. (Warning! Please remember that you are in the middle of the road and need to pull off to the side before taking pictures.) I have yet to visit Casa Rondena in the warm months, and I imagine the beauty of robust vines, but the golden fields of vineyard leaf-fall warmed me to the core in that crisp Autumn air.

Owner and award winning vintner John Calvin resided in Spain for some time, and lucky for us he brought part of her back with him! The Spanish architecture permeates inside, welcoming you into a tasting room haloed by wood beams and walls shelved with wine bottles. Being that two of the four of us had never visited Casa Rondena, we were offered the wine tasting, and being that we rode 20 miles and still had a slight chill in our bones we kindly declined and went straight for full glasses.

We continued to brave the crisp air and headed out to the patio; me with my glass of Meritage and the other three with their glasses of 1629 (both highly awarded wines.) No disappointment here as we watched the Sun go down over the pond, closing out the day.

Casa Rondena Winery was just awarded 2014 Best Of Albuquerque’s Best Local Winery, Best Vintner (for the 4th year), and The Best Local Secret for it’s 1629 Club. And Albuquerque is ranked one of the Top 50 U.S. Cities to bike in. Regardless of how you choose to get there though, Casa Rondena Winery is worth the visit!

Our Wine Country Package is an additional $39 per couple and includes a picnic basket loaded with fruit, cheese, and other snacks, an Albuquerque wine country map and info pack, and wine tasting at Casa Rondena Winery. If you choose to bike and/or use public transportation please let us know and we can help you with routes and bike rentals.

Written and photographed by Carrie, Innkeeper
2014-11-22_16.13.17 (1)








Spooky Fun Fall at the Mauger

Fall is spectacular in ABQ, and we want you to see it for yourself!

Mention this blog post when making a reservation and receive a 15% discount.
pumpkin pecan scones

Here are our top 10 reasons to visit Albuquerque this fabulous fall:

1. 5th Annual New Mexico Brewfest

2. McCall’s Pumpkin Patch

3. Fractal Maze in the Maize

4. ABQ Trolley’s Trolley of Terror

5. Explora Spooky Science Parents’ Night Out

6. Oktoberfiesto

7. Haunted Scarecrow non profit haunted house

8. Dragon’s House of Horror

9. Realm of Darkness

10. Haunted Attraction NM Slaughter House

Mauger Estate Jumps on the Breaking Bad Wagon

Breaking Bad
We must admit, we are downtown ABQ, and many scenes were filmed for Breaking Bad at nearby locations. You may wonder why a B&B would want to be associated with such a dark plotted television series. Well, after having many guests, from all over the world who have visited ABQ for the specific purpose of seeing where Walter White and Jesse Pinkman called home, we have decided to jump on the Breaking Bad Wagon. After all, if the Pinkmans can call downtown ABQ home, you should too, while you stay at the Mauger!

The ABQ Trolley hosts a Breaking Bad tour most Saturdays and some other special dates as well. This is one of Albuquerque’s finest tourist attractions! The open air trolley takes Breaking Bad fans on a 3.5 hour tour. $25 per person. If you are not able to do a Breaking Bad Tour, their regular city tour is a hoot!

Breaking Bad RV Tours, takes you on an RV like the one on the show, less the meth cooking. Leaves from Old Town Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. $65 per person.

Lonely Planet’s Do-It-Yourself Breaking Bad Tour is a self guided tour that identifies the filming locations for you and gives you maps to find the sites yourselves, at your own pace. You can stop and eat a green child dog at the Dog House, or sit for hours in front of Walter and Skyler’s house, or try to find Jesse at Java Joe’s while sipping a java treat. Whatever you please as you take it at ease. FREE

Get some exercise as you bike your way on the Routes Biking Bad Tour. Several different tours are offered depending on who your favorite character is on the show. Twice a month on Saturdays, $50 per person, $45 with your own bike.

Mention this blog to receive a 10% discount for your reservation at the Mauger(not valid during special events, holidays, and must be mentioned at time of reservation.)

Now, get out and enjoy the city’s meth free tours!

Albuquerque, NM Bed + Breakfast